Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Garden Girl Hop

Hippity hop--I always want to say that every time I do a blog hop! ;)

It's time for the August Garden Girl Blog Hop--a group of girls I feel absolutely honored to be amongst! I have a little project from the Garden that I did recently....

It's a card set created with the Brand New Echo Park Collection called Everyday Eclectic. My new fav!!

Here's the collection:

The garden was FLOODED with fantastic Back to School projects yesterday--you have to check it out! Stunning work. I'm in LOVE with Lynn's layout--look at that guy!! I could take him home and add him to my collection! ;)

And I wanted to share a few things in my cart right now that I'm simply dying to get my hands on...

You just came from Amy's blog.... now head on over to Lexi's blog!!

If you get lost.. head on over to the Two Peas blog!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

HOW old?

My little Logan is officially 7 today!! 7!! I can't believe it--time really does fly by. My mom always said that and I never really thought much of it until I had kids! So for my little guy today we are heading over to IHOP for some breakfast, going to see The Lorax at the movie theater, and ordering pizza for dinner! I'm hoping to take a million pictures... It seems like I just don't have enough of that kiddo.


At 7:
favorite color: red
favorite team: BYU Cougars!
favorite sport: baseball
favorite food: Pepperoni Pizza
favorite TV show: Phineas and Ferb
favorite Movie: Despicable Me
favorite candy: Juicy Drop Pop
favorite subject: reading...although he says recess most of the time!
favorite saying: "oh my gosh!"

other interesting facts about Logan: He can breakdance like a pro, he makes friends super fast, loves his brothers, has the cutest darn laugh ever, and an amazing athlete!

Love you Logy Bogy!