Thursday, August 27, 2009

It feels good...

when you actually get something accomplished, doesn't it? I'm almost finished priming my kitchen walls for the beautiful sky blue paint that I picked out. Our basement is getting all the sheet rock put up today and Logan went and met his new preschool teacher. We are getting things done around here in baby steps--that's the way it seems to go! All in time, right? But it sure does feel good when you get it all done! My scrapbook room has it's floor in and now I'm just waiting for walls to paint and start hanging shelves. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful hubby who supports my need for a crafty space! I'll always be grateful for a place of my own.

Logan chatted all morning about meeting his new teacher--that and the fact that he got to meet Charlie the Chucker bird at the Idaho Fall's Chucker's baseball game last night. Charlie signed his hand (thanks Charlie--the sharpie just will NOT come off! ) and he's been showing everyone he comes in contact with. Of course when we got to the school he became instantly mute. He's really not a shy kid, he just takes a little while to warm up.

This week at CPS, we were sponsored by Jillibean Soup--YUMMY stuff! This was my first chance to get my hands on their product and it's just fabulous! I had so much fun making these set of cards:
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I scream, you scream...

We all scream for Ice Cream!!

Just came home from a ice cream party with our friends. I, personally, can never EVER have enough ice cream. It's the one treat that I CRAVE. You can never have enough Mint Chocolate Chip or Phish Food Ice cream, that's for sure! With our 95+ weather out here, it was a nice escape!

I started painting my kitchen today-- we had to start with the primer first to cover the tan color up. Man, it' s more work than I thought it would be! But the light blue I picked out will be a nice fresh color--let's hope I like it once it's on the wall! LOL

If you didn't get a chance to go to CHA (like poor, little, ol' me) you didn't get to see Core'dinations new line of paper. My jaw dropped when I saw them--just gorgeous. It's a Jenni Bowlin line made with Core cardstock so it can be sanded and distressed. Here's a card I made with my new goodies:
Here's a couple of my favorites from this line:

Have a wonderful night!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I often let my life just fly by in day to day business that I forget the things that are really worth appreciating. So today I:

- Told Logan I loved him at least 10 times and followed it up with a smooch!
- Cleaned my carpet (after we had our basement flood a couple days ago and it STUNK!) and now it smells like nothing--and believe me, that's sweet!
- Made some Blackberry freezer jam... perfect for warm biscuits smothered in butter on a cold winter's night!
- learned how to microwave my otter pop's to make them slushy-- 8 seconds on each side!
- Watched project runway and got a new inspiration to break out my sewing machine (for something other than scrapbooking ;)!)
- and missed my hubby... he's at an overnight conference for work and will be back tomorrow, but until then, I'll be thinking of him... although it will be nice to have the bed to myself for a night! I love to stretch out!

And a little card for you tonight--here's my CPS card for the week! Tami always comes up with the best sketches!! Come over and play with us!!

I used a little bit of: Core'dinations cardstock, My Little Shoebox paper, K&Co. diecuts, Hero Arts Stamps, Imaginesce flower, and Making Memories brads.

Have a wonderful night!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shake your groove thang!

I keep thinking of this song as we're trying to get back into some kind of a groove around here. Seems like summertime can throw that all out of wack! A routine will be a much needed thing! So as I try to re-organize and clean up our house, I'll be shakin' my booty to this song!

We had a wonderful vacation with my family up in Seattle last week--really enjoyed seeing my family and spending some relaxing time with them! Then we came home to the flu. My two boys and I got so sick for a couple days--luckily it's over and we're back to your normal busy selves, but it sure makes you appreciate good health!! :) Many prayers of thanks for that...

So now that I'm totally behind on EVERYTHING-- here's a couple cards I've made!!

I'm a little late posting my CPS card from last week. We were sponsored by Susan Tomaino with Close to my Heart--she is fabulous and such a doll to send us these cute stamps!! Thanks Susan!!

And here's just a random one I made with some Prima flowers, Melissa Frances rubons, and My Mind's Eye paper--love that vintage feel!
Have a wonderful day--and enjoy your health! ;)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A birthday, 911, and Poison Control...

So, this is the reason I haven't posted in a while...

Logan turned 4 on Sunday! YAY! I can't believe how big he is! Seems like he grows a foot each year! He informed me on the way to a friends house, "mom, now that I'm four, I'm no longer scared of dogs." Yet when we were over there, he ran from the dog and jumped into my arms. haha It might take another year to shake that fear! He got totally spoiled and ate lots of cake (always love that part!)

Then we lost him. My parents were in town and we were all busy making curtains and finishing the basement. I let him ride his new bike in the driveway while we had the door open. I went outside after a while and he was gone. The bike was there, the scooter was there, and I started yelling for him. My whole family went out and searched the neighborhood. When we didn't find him, I thought for sure someone had taken him--needless to say I was BAWLING. I screamed for him in the house and he wasn't in any of the rooms, so I called 911. Before I could sob out my address to the poor operator, my grandma came running out with him. He had gotten into my scrap room, dumped a bottle of paint on the floor, and thinking he was in trouble, hid in the closet.... I was happy to see him... not so happy about my floor. I think he learned his lesson when daddy talked to him about why mommy was crying so much.

oh, and it's not over.... then a couple days ago I was finishing up some projects and Landen was crying for me... as usual. I shut the door for 5 minutes so I could finish up some work on the computer and then I hear him go from crying to screaming. I still thought he just wanted me, so I ignored him (I know, what a great mom huh??) then Logan said, "Mom, he's got glitter in his eyes!" WHAT? I don't have any glitter out in the living room. I opened the door to find him with foam all over his eyes. He had squirted Dawn dishsoap in his eyes and then kept rubbing at it until it foamed up. So then I had the wonderful task of calling Poison control who told me to do a 15 minute flush of water in his eyes. yea, imagine how fun that is. I think I still have scratches on my arm. BUt, it's over and now my dishsoap is no longer under my cabinet. :)

now that you all think I'm a horrible mom.... LOL

I have my August Coredinations projects to show you--I had so much fun creating these! All the embellishments and patterned paper is from My Little Shoebox. YUM!

This saying totally fits Logan-- I'm kinda a BIG DEAL! This is also a scraplift of Lisa Truesdell from the June Scrapbook Trends. LOVE her work!

Well, let's pray for an un-eventful week around here!! ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summery summertime

I know--that was a weird title. I'm all about the weird. LOL

We've been having so much fun with my parents and grandparents here, but unfortunately they have to pack up and leave us tomorrow. However, our house is wired, my scrap room has laminate floors, and I have curtains almost made! yay!

They just couldn't leave without grabbing a snowshack and hitting up a buffet! Craigo's is one of our favorites--6 types of dessert pizza--can't beat that! And my grandpa is all about the pizza!

On a little summery note---I have a fabulous summer time album kit filled with oranges, blues and lots of little details! You can get your kit here at the Scrappy Gourmet! They have the CUTEST kits over there by all the designers--make sure to check it out! I have a lot of pictures for you.... don't get overloaded! hehe Oh, and this kit is big enough to make a two page layout as well--so fun!

Have a bright and cheerful day!!