Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anxiously waiting...

At the beginning of spring each year I get really excited to plant my flowers and veggies. It's been years since we got to do a veggie garden!! Now I just have to wait until the chance of frost clears. I hate that!! I'm ready to plant now! :) I have all my flowers picked out and I know where I want them in the garden. I love the country cottage look--here's some of the flowers I'll be planting:



black eyed susans

morning glories (they are going to cover my fence)

holyhocks ( I have a HUGE bag of these seeds)


Clematis--I have this one and a blue one. Brandon is going to build me two trellis's for them.

And that's just a few! I can't wait! :)

I have a little treat to share with you---Kathy Martin (digital designer over at 2peas) asked me to create a card using her new kite image. It's adorable! I had so much fun working with it! here's my card!Thanks Kathy!

And just so everyone knows--those pretzels were AMAZING! you have to try them. I think we ate all 12 pretzels in two hours! LOL--and they're low fat! Makes them even better! :)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Salty goodness...

Just a lazy day around here--cleaning up the house, maybe do some scrapbooking--I have a ton of pictures in a pile to work on! It's raining today--which is okay because it's still warm :)! I found this recipe for soft pretzels so we're going to be adventurous and make some up today. Logan is soooo excited to tie his "into knots and circles." LOL

So I've been doing P90X for the last couple months and I've lost 15 lbs--which is wonderful. I feel so much better, but I have 15 more pounds to go to get to where I was a year and a half ago. The last month and a half I've stayed at the exact same weight. Didn't move at all. I was seriously frustrated that I work out everday, watch what I eat and nothing was happening. I went online and checked reasons for plateauing--turns out I'm not eating enough calories! ;) I did some serious calorie counting yesterday and found that I was 3-400 calories under which was making my body hold on to my fat stores. So I ate all my calories--felt full--and woke up this morning to see I had dropped a pound! YIPPPEEEEE!!! Here's to eating more and losing weight! LOL

I have a couple items for you today--

Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Could it be????

Spring is here? We've had 4 beautiful days in a row--yesterday it got to 75 degrees! Yippeee! Now I'm getting excited to plant our veggie garden and all my flowers--I have big ideas! We'll see how fast they come together--seeing as how we still need to plant our grass in the backyard! We're almost there though--I spent the last three days weeding and raking the rocks. We did a lot of the work last year so we don't have much to do!

I was watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate on food network last night (amazing.) and they talked about a smores pie. oh, man did it look like heaven. Here's the closest recipe I could find to match it--I've GOT to try it--might even polish the WHOLE thing off myself! ;)

And here's some cards for you!!

Off to breathe in the freshly cut grass smell from our neighbors yard before it starts raining again! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today was great--we cleaned out the garage, washed the van, started on the backyard, and then we went to McDonalds to get a happy meal for each of the boys--just for the How to Train Your Dragon toy! They were so excited. Then we headed out for the movie! It was wonderful! We will definitely buy it when it comes out! Logan now wants to be a dragon. Too bad i don't have a dragon costume--I know he would wear it for a week straight if I did! haha

Here's my card I did for the Hero blog this week. They had a hybrid week--mixing Hero Arts digi stamps with paper product. It was so fun! The digi stamp is in the back--it's actually a friendship definition, but I cut off the friendship words and now it just looks like dictionary paper! You can download it at 2peas for free!

And here's some darling pictures I took of a sweet 4 mo. old in my ward. Isn't she so cute??

I want a girl... ;)

**Oh, and I updated my Etsy shop--go take a look!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I HATE it when...

my socks get wet.

I have to change them IMMEDIATELY!! Probably changed them at least 20 times today--after walking in the water the boys splashed out of the tub, the water they dripped down the fridge into a puddle on the floor, the water they played in the sink with when they were supposed to wash their hands for dinner.... I think I have another 3 loads of socks to launder. LOL Good thing I have enough! ;)

More cards for you? Cuz you can't get enough right?

Hope you get some time to be creative today!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our everyday

Top fifteen things you will hear me say on a daily basis to my children:

1. "Landen, get your pants back on!"
2. "This is the last time I'm putting the captain America costume on you."
3. "Landen, get out of the garbage! Did you actually eat that?"
4. "If you howl like a dog one more time, you're going to your room!"
5."No you can't have a snack, you ate breakfast 15 minutes ago."
6." Who threw soggy cheerios on my carpet?"
7." Landen... seriously? WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?"
8. "Who splashed all the water out of the tub?"
9. "Are you licking my mirror?"
10. "You're driving me crazy!"
11. "Landen, stop turning off the tv"
12. "Did you just call me a brat? Get in your room."
13. "REALLY?"
14. "Why have you been in the bathroom for ten minutes? What are you doing in there?"
15. "Get back in bed or I'm shutting the door!"

You might think I'm crazy--I would after reading that list! But I think it's funny to read them after a hard day and think about how great my life is. It's always funny AFTER they are asleep in bed and you get a little break! haha

I have two great children that keep me running around. They are healthy and happy and you should see the looks on their faces and smiles they have when they know they are up to no good--boys!
Here's a funny picture of Logan in his Turtle costume--that boy and his costumes!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Card crazy!!

Just like most of you I have weeks and weeks where I have NO creative juices flowing through my veins. Anything I make turns out horrid and I have no desire to scrap.
But the last two weeks I've gone card crazy!! I made over thirty cards in two weeks. haha!! And I love them all--how did that work out? I don't know.
SO for your viewing pleasure--hopefully it will inspire you to go a little card crazy too! so much fun!
Look at Mr. Crabby--isn't he cute??
Diecut: K&Co. Buy them here.
Patterned papers: Stampin' UP, Scenic RouteStamps: Hero Artsphotocorners: 3L

I'm in SERIOUS need of some more birthday cards!Supplies:
rubons: American Crafts
stamps: Hero Arts buy them here.
flocked patterned paper: Doodlebug Designs
Patterned paper: Making Memories
ribbon: Micheals
tag: Making Memories

And one for my grandma---kinda vintage looking.
Patterned papers: Scenic Route
chipboard: Colorbok
Stamps: Hero Arts
flowers: Heidi Grace
diecut: K&Co.
tag: My Mind's Eye
stickers: Making Memories

Another birthday one--love that little cupcake!
Chipboard: K&Co.
Tag: Making Memories
patterned paper: Making Memories, Sassafrasslass
ribbon: Micheals

Have a fantastic day!! Were still waiting for all our snow to melt around here!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

What a cutie.

Daddy tickling Landen boy to get one decent smile!

The sugar has kicked in! What a goof!

The Easter Bunny brought Logan an Iron Man mask--just what he wanted. When he saw it first thing in the morning he said, "The Easter bunny saved up his money to buy me my mask so that I didn't have to save my moneys!" He talked about it for an hour straight.

Love it.

Hope yours was fabulous! ours sure was...


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Mr. Winter...

Dear Mr. Winter,
I sure have enjoyed your stay. The chilly nights filled with soup, hot cocoa, books, and blankets have rejuvenated my soul. But you have overstayed your welcome. It's time for you to move on. please leave.... please please please. I look forward to your return next December.
Yours truly,
the smith family

sob. sob. More snow here....

But here's some bright cards to cheer me up! I always have fun dumping my giant scrap drawer on the floor. Sounds messy... and fun right?? All of these were created with my pieces I was going to toss after another project.

Everyone is making these cute little banners right now--and there is a reason! Look how darling! I feel another 50 banner cards coming on... :)