Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Wednesday!!

Here's a couple cards for you. The halloween one is for the Cards Mag call. Kinda fun since Halloween is my favorite holiday! THanks for looking!
Okay, so my two favorite shows end tonight. BOohoo. I'm really sad. The only bad thing about summer is my favorite shows aren't on. Well, my heart goes out to Blake for tonight! I want him to win desperately, but i think that Jordan will win this year. That's okay though because i'm totally buying his album!! I'm just glad he got to second place! I'll be glued to the TV tonight! Luckily, i can scrap when i do it!!
LOST two hour special is on tonight as well. I can't wait to see where it takes us! I love the mystery behind this show! I'm afraid I'm going to be up late tonight though because it's on at 10:00 here. We'll see maybe they'll change the times! ANyways, have a great wednesday!!


Brittany said...

Oh, I love the cards. Especially the Halloween one!! Is it time for that holiday yet?! :) I started my own blog. Really just so I can show you the boardbook I just did. I didn't get the best pictures but you will have to check it out.
Fun Fun

Becky said...

Love that halloween one! Very cool!