Saturday, October 20, 2007

I think it's a doughnut day...

I'm sitting here at the computer while my son and hubby are still asleep in bed. I couldn't fall back to sleep, the rain outside was just calling to me. I love rainy mornings, something about being warm and cozy inside the house. Then I started thinking about breakfast and how we have a new doughnut shop in town. It might be the morning to try that place out!

If the weather clears up tonight we'll be going to take some pics of Logan in the leaves. I've been dying to do that all week. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with me. After all I did just get me a new camera, Canon Digital Rebel XTI, such a beauty! I'm slowly learning how to use it. Although my pictures are turning out really dark, I'm wondering if my settings need to be changed.

I hope you all have a wonderful saturday, and go get you a doughnut! You deserve it!


Amos said...

You just make me smile!

Katie said...

Hi Kandis! I found you here from sketchthis:cards. Love your are so talented! Congrats on the baby news :) How exciting! Hope you enjoyed a donut today!


Anonymous said...

Such fun and darling layouts Kandis---love the playful, bright colors!