Tuesday, January 29, 2008

He's still not here...

And that's okay. I'm as uncomfy as ever, but it sure is nice not getting up every two hours. He can stay in for a little longer. Totally going through the nesting phase. I cleaned the whole upstairs this morning. I get worried that he might come any minute and I have to have the place spotless!! I think Brandon has gone a little crazy with me around. He's so supportive though, I think I'll keep him.

I just did the coolest faux finish on a GIANT magnet board last night. I have to do a finishing coat and then I'm covering it in black and white pics. I'm planning on putting it in my entryway. I can't wait for it to be done.

Here's a fun card I made for Janelle's sketch over at Sketch This Cards. Come join in on the fun. We love to see everyone's work.

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Rita said...

Oh(((Kandis)))) keep those piggies up!! THANK YOU for my package. I'm baffled at your incredible talent even at 9 months pregnant. I can't wait to wow my customers with the story! Best wishes to you my dear. xo