Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lilacs and Vintage wrapping paper

Scored some fabulous vintage wrapping paper on Saturday at a local garage sale. a HUGE roll for $1.50. It's bright pink with silver stars, my SIL's all better get used to it, all their presents are going to be pink!! That made me happy! our lilacs are at the end of their blooming period. I love lilacs and I filled my house with vases and vases of them. SO pretty. I hate seeing them go.

Here's a couple of cards I made using my scrap stash. That pile just keeps getting bigger, better make some cards with it!! Have a great day!



Daniela said...

Beautiful cards Kandis, that first one is my favorite. I LOVE lilacs, haven't seen any since I lived in TX. When I was growing up in Croatia we had several bushes/trees in our yard and all over the village. I love the way they smell. They will always be my favorite flowers.

~Brooke~ said...

These are fantabulous as always!! So glad I can read your blog and get a daily dose of inspiration! YAY!!

Molly said...

Oh, Kandis! These cards are just gorgeous! :D