Monday, April 13, 2009

Tumbleweeds and Violent Mickey

As we were driving down the road today we got attacked by a GIANT tumbleweed. I seriously thought it was going to do damage to the car. Before I moved to Idaho I thought tumbleweeds were made up. Haha. Now we get them all the time going down the road.

I was shocked out of my mind when Logan stood up on the couch, thrust his sword into the air and said, "Stop it or I'll cut your head off!" I ran into the room and demanded he tell me where he had heard such a thing. Then he pointed to his Mickey Mouse movie. Are you kidding me Mickey?? Really?? We got the Spirit Of Mickey movie and there is an OLD cartoon where Pete is chasing Pluto with a gun and says that. Yep, Mickey is banned from our house. Who would have thought??

Here's some fun cards I played with this past week:

Got me some new Cosmo Cricket, great colors! Thinking about using them in my new scrap room!!

This week is going to be busy. we're taking car loads over each day to the new house. Luckily we'll be done by next sunday!! Makes me a happy girl!

Have a wonderful night!


*Beatriz Jennings* said...

Hi Kandis! wow girl! gorgeous cards as always! love the baby one so sweet! :)

whoistracy said...

Oh my gosh, tumbleweeds are real?? Call me naive, but I thought they were made up too. LOL

Youngs said...

i LOVE the lace on the baby girl card - and the buttons on the first card - i have to admit I love the cards you sent...i can't seem to find people good enough to receive them! haha i just can't bear to part with your fab creations

Linda Beeson said...

What totally cute creations! We had tumbleweeds when we lived in Eastern Washington - lots of them!! And as for Mickey - hello!!!

sarita said...

i live in the southern california desert and use to work for an insurance company - we had a lady come in with a damaged car because she ran up onto the curb because a tumble weed was coming at her and she didn't want to hit it!! people are funny!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... Mickey??? Wow! I'm adding that to the banned list for my house too... Thanks for sharing, and as always, your cards are lovely!

Stahl Family said...
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Stahl Family said...

Your projects are always inspiring...such a creative person.
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