Friday, November 19, 2010

Mini Muffin Morning

We woke up this morning and it just felt right---had to have our mini muffins! Is there any easier way to put a smile on a little boy's face? They could hardly wait until they came out of the oven to eat them.

I think Logan ate the most--pounding down a total of 12 mini muffins!! haha

Hope you get to find a way to make your friday great! I'm celebrating my hubby's 30th birthday (it's on monday) tonight. We're going on a date!



Anya said...

So glad you are back! Missed your cute kids and LO's with them.

Jen Gallacher said...

She's back. I'm totally doing the happy dance. :)

Luluuk said...

my little boys would love muffins - can you share your recipe please?