Friday, January 6, 2012

What we've been up to...

It's nice to be posting again--December was kind of a crazy month for us. I'm sure it was for you too! We not only had Christmas, but we also had my parents over for a week (so fun, I miss them TONS!) and Landen got his Tonsils out. He's doing much better now--he keeps saying his throat is gone, which is his way of saying it doesn't hurt anymore. haha

He really did amazing the day of the surgery. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 and we waited around for about an hour until the doctor came in. They took him from us and put him in a little wagon and wheeled him back to the room. He didn't even fuss at all. I thought we were going to have a screaming fit!! But only 20 minutes later they called us back--he was finished and starting to wake up. The nurses all said he was doing amazing, that he wasn't even crying. I snuggled up to him on the little hospital bed and waited for him to open his eyes. He didn't cry once. After he woke up a little bit they sent us upstairs to our own room. An hour after surgery he had eaten two slushies, two things of ice cream, a soda, and a popsicle. The nurse said that usually they have a hard time getting tonsil patients to even eat half a slushy all day long. haha--that's my Landen! He's all about the food! They made the mistake of giving us the room next to the snack area. Every time we went on a walk around the hospital floor (which was about every 5 minutes) he would make me grab him some jello, or a pudding, or some cheese. The kid couldn't stop eating! who would have thought? I told the nurse that they were going to need to restock the snack bar when we left! :) He didn't even take a nap. You wouldn't even be able to tell he had surgery. The kid is a machine! We did have a hard time getting him to take his medicine though---I'm not sure why they couldn't make it taste better! So we had a couple hard nights at home, but we are doing good now!!!

 Is it just blogger that makes your pics look so fuzzy? I've sharpened them for the web and resized them and everything and they still don't look like the originals! Does anyone know?

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have a wonderful day!


mj said...

ahh ...its so hard when the kiddos are sick but i can't imagine surgery. yikes! glad he's doing well! :)

sherryann (aka Sherry Eckblad) said...

poor little guy. Hope he is feeling better now.

I came to comment on your Echo Park bloghop but don't see it. Does this comment count? :)

Danielle said...

cute pictures...glad he did so well! we just found out that our 6 year old has to have this done in a few weeks, so i'm worried about it. she has a heart condition, so we'll see if they will even want to put her under. sigh. did they put him under? reading how your son did makes me feel a little better though!