Thursday, April 4, 2013

In Hiding...

My goodness, it's been a month since I last posted! I'm such a slacker! Time goes by so fast--we've had a bunch of family stuff. Landen's Birthday, My birthday, Cooper's birthday, and Easter--whew! I got a little distracted with all the planning and partying! ;)

Can you believe my little Coop is 2!? 2!!!! I can't. He's getting so big... and using so many words now. He was playing kickball with the boys in the hallway and as I walked past he looked at me and said, "Watch out mommy!" Ok--not in perfect pronunciation, but I could totally understand him! That's his first three word sentence! :) Gets me all choked up!

Landen is 5 now--a whole hand. And he thinks he is big time grown up. I guess he is... I just don't want to believe it! He asks me everyday if Kindergarten starts tomorrow. haha--you've got a couple months kid! The way he thinks just makes me laugh. The other day Logan was talking about playing basketball at practice and how he kept hitting 3 pointers and the coach told him he was on fire. Then Landen said, "It's ok Logan, don't be scared. You aren't really on fire. He was just teasing you." Hehe Made me giggle.

So I have a few Echo projects for you--there are FREE PDF's to go with them too--just click on the image and it will take you to the link! Check out all the other designers work while you are over there--some stunning work!

Hope you had a great Easter and are enjoying a little bit of warmer weather! We've broken out the t-shirts around here! :)


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Ruth G said...

Lots of great projects! Thanks for sharing and for creating the instructions for them. I know that takes a lot of time! Enjoy your spring and your growing-up family!!!

Scrapthat said...

SO sweet! TFS!!

Carrie Erickson said...

Love your projects Candis. Your cards are so great. Simple yet so beautiful. thanks for the inspiration.