Monday, June 18, 2007

Here's some fun layouts!

Just some fun layouts for today. I'm totally in the zone! Love it when that happens! These layouts are packed with goodies I got in my box from SDD! Lovin' it! Havin' a good day except my paper cutter took out two HUGE chunks of my finger today! Didn't bleed much but it's down to the nerve so it hurts like heck! Now with that ugly pic in your mind, have a great day!


Brittany said...

OUCH!! That just sounds painful! Hope it doesn't put a major damper in the scrapbooking!! Love the layouts! Awesome! Awesome!!

iralamija said...

wow!beautiful LO's!!!

Bety :)

Amos said...

Ouch is right. Hey, a little finger saver tip, Bandaid Brand Liquid Bandage! The stuff is like a miracle. Put it on at bedtime and the next morning it is halfway healed. Seriously great stuff!

The LO's are awesome. Do you get most of your chipboard/letters stuff from SDD or ??. I am addicted to chipboard at the moment.

aggiebonfire00 said...

congratulations on the dt spot!