Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My two handsomes!

Just a fun one of my two cute boys! How i love them! I totally couldn't live without them. They are so funny together. Best friends. I hope it stays that way! TFL!


Amos said...

Ok, I don't know you, but could you seriously live closer. I think we would be good scrapping buddies!Ha. I really like your style of pages, my eye is drawn to them every time. This particular page is what my term would be an "artsy" page? if that makes sense. I really like the style, just not great with it myself. But yours is so simple and I just might branch out and try one now after peeking at them! Maybe I think all this because my son is named Logan too ;)

Brittany said...

So cute!! I hope you get to move back to the area so you can teach me more of your wonderful scrapbooking ways! Sometimes I look at your stuff and think "now how did she do that? I want to know!!" :)