Friday, September 19, 2008

Funky Friday

Today feels like a good dance day-- does it feel that way to you? Maybe it's because I saw one of my all time favorite commercials again this morning. I loaded it for your viewing pleasure.

(The backpack one is my favorite because it totally reminds me of Logan. If you know him--you know that he is a REALLY good dancer, even at the age of 3. Cracks me up--my little break dancer. His friend Ryan came over yesterday for a playdate and he said to Patti (Ryan's mom), "Look at my sweet moves!" then busted out dancing--I don't know where he heard that from, but she couldn't stop laughing. Thanks for making my life full of SWEET MOVES Logan!! )

And this one I found on the internet with my sister--we still almost pee our pants when we watch it!!

Here's a fun layout I've been meaning to get done-- Logan in his big boy bed.

And just a fun card I made with some cool Hero Arts stamps--love that owl!
Have a wonderful dance day--bust out some sweet moves!!


mary said...

Cute layout and I LOVE that little owl card - adorable!

Tami H said...

Sorry to say that I possess no sweet moves, LOL...but that commercial is too cute! And the Sonic one made me laugh so loud that my daughter came running up the stairs to see what was up. ;) Thanks for the giggles and the eye candy...fabulous work as always! :)

Rene' Sharp said...

I adore this layout and card. Both really have a huge cuteness factor!

Susannah said...

love the commericial! And those cards and layout are fantastic!

Lea L. said...

Cute projects Kandis...I love the little owl!