Friday, October 3, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew sour cream could make such delicious sugar cookies??? I've made them for years and I'm still surprised every time I make them how fast they get eaten!! Super yummy! I took the first class of Wilton 3 yesterday and so I have a ton of frosting that needs to be used up--sounds like a good excuse for cookies!!

Not much going on around here, trying to get some stuff done around the house. I was able to get a couple cards done, which made me happy. Here's my card for the Sketch This blog. Made that flower with an old pair of jeans and some extra fabric I had hanging around. Those little clothes pins are just adorable!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Karey in OK said...

Do you know if the card kit was sold out immediately? I have tried to buy a kit every since you posted it, but it always says sorry product not found. I emailed the but never got a response.

Emily said...

Yummy...I love cookies. I bought some fall sprinkles and have been dieing to make some cookies with Sammy. I think we just might do that on saturday.

The cards are so darling! I love the cupcake...from what I hear, cupcakes are the new "it" this season. Who knew?!?!?

esther said...

love the fabric look to this card, very textured! I was gonna have a hand myself at making some layered material flowers, you have given me inspiration and a kic in the right direction! thanks :) Oh what is the recipe to those lovely sounding cookies!

Sherry Wright said...

Gorgeous Kandis, love that flower!

roree said...

Cute, cute, cute! Great cards, Kandis!

Lea L. said...

We must have the same sugar cookie recipe...sour cream is the secret ingredient!!

Those cards are adorable Kandis!


Nichol Magouirk said...

beautiful cards, as always!!!!