Saturday, June 13, 2009

Junk Junkie

Spent the morning combing through garage sales. I LOVE old stuff. The kind you can take, sand down, and paint a cool color. Finally found a long bookshelf for my boys room. Totally needs to be redone, but I got it for $5! Can't beat that--even at walmart! My hubby always gets a chuckle when I bring home the most random things!

Just messin' around with my supplies lately. Kinda liked these fun cards! I think they will be great for kids!
Have yourself a great day!


Kate and Cole said...

I do the same thing! I love garage sales. Cole thinks I'm crazy for buying used furniture and sanding and painting. He thinks it's much easier to just buy it new. But it makes you feel like you accomplished something doesn't it? Cute cards by the way!

Amos said...

Those cards are adorable Kandis!!! Great find on the bookshelf, would love to see a before and after of what you create.

melissa :) said...

the cards are super fun and summery! i know what you mean about having your hub laugh at the randomness that comes in the door after a yardsale excursion... ;)

Jane said...

love those cards! GORGEOUS!!

Paula Pascual said...

Beautiful and bright cards!