Monday, June 29, 2009

mud, rocks, weeds, and pink bicycles

We're STILL trying to weed, and de-rock our backyard so that we can start laying down sod. It's the never ending job. I swear the land out here is a layer of rock, then a thin layer of dirt, then about two feet of solid rock. We don't have to get all the rock out, just the big ones, but there's sooo many of them!! Anyone want to come work?? haha

Logan has been OBSESSED with this pink bicycle that grandma has at her house. I swear he'd pick it over any boy bike!! He's secretly getting a bike for his birthday in a month, so we're excited to see him on something other than a barbie bike!

I really needed to make more "boyish" cards for my stash, so here's some that I came up with!
Have a wonderful day--go ride your bike!


Jane said...

Adorable! Just awesome! Love it....I could go on and on!

Daniela said...

I love your cards!!!! That Scenic Route collection is my favorite!!!!
Maybe you can hire some boys to help dig the rocks :) It's not fun.

Lucy, England said...

Wow - GORGEOUS. Love that bunny card!

Kate and Cole said...

Those are so cute. i think I will go ride my bike as a matter of fact! Maybe I'll see you around the loop!

Cindy said...

Hi Kandis! I love each and every of your cards! They are so beautiful!

Maria Sutton said...

These are so adorable! Thank you for sharing!