Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad Blogger award.

goes to me.

Yep, I admit it, I'm a horrid blogger. I try. I think about it everyday. And then the day gets away from me.

I've been going through some personal stuff... hopefully it will all be behind me soon. :)

On a much funner note... you HAVE to see these pics of us from Halloween! Hilarious.

( I was going to title this post 'oh, yes, it's 80's night') sweet huh?

Yep, that's me--even made those leg warmers myself. I might have to come up with an excuse to wear them again!!

And do I even need to say how AWESOME Brandon's outfit is????? He found that Member's Only jacket at DI. It cost $6-- I told him he could buy it only if he promised to have it replace his other jacket. LOL He hasn't followed through yet! And that mullet wig-- is there even anything to say??? NO one recognized him at the party.

Here's Logan as a SCARY vampire. I made the costume myself. He had fun wearing it around the house for days. His favorite thing about being a vampire is saying, "I Vant to suck your blood" to everyone. They all get a kick out of it. I even sprayed his hair black-- turned out so fun, but when it came time to wash it out, I couldn't BELIEVE how long it took to get back to normal. Our bathtub is black.

And this is the only picture I could get of Landen boy. He would NOT turn around for me to take a picture!! Cut dino.

Couldn't resist putting the mullet wig on Landen. Bwahahahahahaha.... isn't it soooo Joe Dirt??

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!


Sasha said...

love the pics .. and girl when you aint bloggin you living .. LIFE right .. hee hee ..

Happy November ..

Jane said...

This post put a BIG SMILE on my face!

Ali said...

Although I miss your posts when you don't blog, I know life gets busy. I have three littles, well 7.5, 6.5 and 3.5. Post when you can. It's always fun to click in here. We had a rubbish Halloween because 3 out 5 of us have the H1N1. Yes...............just lovely :-(

Tiffany said... the pics and costumes! The 80's really were the best - weren't they? Hope all returns to normal for you soon, just love seeing all of your work over at HA!

Cindy Coutts said...

You don't have to wear your leg-warmers in the closet. They're back "in" with the plaid skirts and everything! I hated it the first time around and lucky you get to experience the second time around! When you start eBaying for Dittos though, you're in serious trouble.

I hope all gets well for you soon on all fronts.