Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feelin' the joy!

Seems like all the Christmas stuff I've been making says Joy on it! I must be feelin' it! Just a quick post for tonight--my eyelids are drooping, time to head off to bed!

This is a little, vintage-inspired banner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Martha Stewart glitter, although I don't use it enough! This bronze color really gives it that extra touch!

A little card--I'm totally lovin' my felt right now--made those felt holly leaves! I think they are so cute and they only took a minute to make!

These are both in my Etsy shop right now--I'm having so much fun making Holiday stuff, but I'm not going to be able to use it all! Hopefully they will find a loving home! :)

Have a wonderful night! Dream crafty!


Tiffany said...

Love that banner, so festive and the gold definitely adds a lot of glitz! Love the pretty card with the felt, it's the little details you put on everything that makes it so great!

Lea L. said...

These are darling projects Kandis! Love the cute felt holly leaves!


Danielle said...

Love, love your banner and card!

Kate and Cole said...

That banner is SO CUTE! I want one!

camping anyone said...

Hey Kandis, love the cute banner and I really love that card! Way cute. It was fun to meet you at the craft fair. Fun Fun Hopefully it wont be a whole year before I see you again. I will keep checking your amazing blog. Lots of great inspiration! Have a great day!

dustypenny said...

They are great, Kandis!

Evelyn J. said...

Love your cards and the collage of things on them are great!