Monday, February 8, 2010

Kung Fu Panda Tiger kicks

I got out Kung Fu Panda for Logan to watch the other day--it's been a while since we watched it last. Now he's going around the house with is tiger mask on doing the "good" tiger kicks. He even put on a kung fu display for me yesterday. I just oooohed and aaaaahed and his spectacular ability to kick the air. Oh, and don't forget the incredible slicing he did with his blade-hands. No bad guys better come over to our house! LOL He cracks me up!

Did everyone have a good superbowl? We got together with some friends--us girls sat upstairs and chatted the whole time! Love it! Couldn't beat the food either--I think I gained at least 5 lbs! But it wouldn't be the superbowl without some weight gain. haha

I've got a couple things to share today--here's a fun baby card using Making Memories paper and Hero Arts stamps--love those little elephants!

And a fun layout I made of Logan's dream last week. Crazy. Used June Bug papers on here.
Get creative today--I'm heading down to my scrap room! :)


Kate and Cole said...

I love watching Logan do his moves. Especially break dancing. That kid can move! I love the dream page. So cute.

Tiffany said...

Sweet card and I just can't ever get enough of your amazing layouts!! Such perfect elements and color combined!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see just how permeant digital memory has become in our every day lives. It's like everywhere I turn, I see something with a card slot or USB jack . I guess it makes sense though, considering how cheap memory has become as of late...

Ahhh... I shouldn't be moaning and groaning. I can't make it through a day without using my R4 / R4i!

(Posted on Net10 for R4i Nintendo DS.)

dstandard said...

Totally adorable goodies here!

Anonymous said...

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