Friday, February 12, 2010

My baby is 2!

Can 2 years really have gone by?
Landen--you are such a joy to have around. I can't imagine our little family without your funny personality! we love you so much!
My top ten FAVORITE Landen quirks:

1. He wakes up in the morning, and the first thing out of his mouth is, "Candy, mommy?"

2. when he walks his arms swing back and forth like he's running really hard. then when he does run, his legs go the same speed, but his arms go faster. haha
3. Whenever I'm doing the dishes, Logan and Landen play tag (or some form of wrestling tag) and Landen always thinks that if he hides behind my legs, Logan can't get me.

4. he LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVES his big brother--to death.
5. He's a little obsessed with movies, his favorite being Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Which he proceeded to snap in half a week after we got it. He has unique names for each movie--and most people can't figure out what he's saying. Except for one movie. Jumanji. Like the hardest one to say--clear as a bell.
6. His famous face--the constantly surprised look. kate, Marlyce--you know what I'm talking about!
7. Instead of goodnight, he always says goodbye.

8. He's crazy--CRAZY strong.

9. He can make a basket on our hoop 90% of the time.
10. to me--my favorite thing he says is one simple word. "yea!" I can ask him any question and this is the answer.

one more...

11. his favorite game is get the bad guys. He makes some sweet gun noises!
Oh, my Landen boy, you are so utterly cute--I can't wait to see what this new year brings for you!



D.C.C. Mealy said...

Cute :)

Daniela said...

Oh, wow, 2!!!! I can't believe it! He is adorable and happy birthday Landen!

Kate and Cole said...

Happpy Birthday Landen!! I'd have to say #2 is one of the best. I also love how he looks at you before he does something naughty. Just to see what you're going to do. Love the surprised face. Dax does a "dorky" face. He is always so happy. That's because you're such a great mom! He is such a cute boy.

Tiffany said...

Such awesome photos, he's sooo cute! Lol...I love #1!!

Spardha said...

happy birthday landen!.. and congrats 2 u!!.. hes adorable!!:)

Anonymous said...
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dstandard said...


Greg and Brittany said...

Miss that little kid! Hope he had a good birthday!

Cassie said...

I saw your blog on Kate's. Landen is so cute and funny! I know my kids have had fun playing with him.
Your blog is cute too!

Gym Girl said...

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Danielle said...

Oh what gorgeous pics! Happy Birthday to Landen!

Jen Gallacher said...

Happy B-day, Landen!!