Saturday, March 27, 2010

good intentions

I really do have good intentions.

I buy all this stuff for my house--mostly used items from thrift stores that I revamp, but they they sit in my garage. Waiting to find a place somewhere in my home. Maybe I'm scared of the work it will take to build my shelves or my (going to be) amazing wall art. Maybe I'm just lazy--yea, that's probably it. A little worried about messing it all up--that's definitely a factor as well.

Do you want to see what I'm going to do?

Here's the picture ledge we're mounting in our living room over our beadboard: (cost: $30)

Here's the BE art that I want to make: (cost: $5)

These nightstands: (cost: $10)

This amazing sofa table: (Cost: $30)

EVERYTHING on this blog!

I've got a lot of work ahead. I guess I need to look at all the stuff i have done and enjoy it! That will be my goal for this next week!

I've got a couple of things to share today--Here's one of my 2peas projects for the month of march--really love the orange, gray and yellow here!

And a couple cards for you:

Have a great saturday--I hope you get some time to do a little decorating!


Jana Eubank said...

Oooo! Those links make me want to hit some home projects myself! . . . Your cards and layout are AMAZING . . . as usual! ;) I LOVE visiting your blog. Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

The page you made with Logan just caught my eye strong! I really like it. I think we all have ideas and hopes for projects. I know I do too. And you have some cute ones picked out. My SIL said something to me in the hospital at the birth of my Logan. I didn't get to finish his bedding because he was 6 wks early and she saw it and said, "Aw, the life of unfinished projects begins". Boy that stirred something HUGE in me. Just go for it Kandis, it's just paint, you can always change it if you don't like it.

Tiffany said...

Beautiful layout and cards! You always have so many fun and intricate details to look at, always mesmerizing really!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

So, you're going to come decorate my house too, right? I lack talent in the decorating arena.
Where the complaint box? I need to leave a note.