Thursday, January 13, 2011

52 things in 2011

My super creative friend Mary came up with a fantastic list of 52 things she wanted to do in 2011. Oh, was I excited! I already have so many goals and projects I want to do--here's my place to list them all! Thanks Mary for the inspiration!

so here it goes...

1. Clean out the den and make it into the baby's room.
2. Remember to send birthday cards out on time.
3. Keep a good budget.
4. Get family pictures taken this summer.
5. Print family pictures on canvas for hallway.
6. Participate in One Frame A Day.
7. write down the silly things my kids say.
8. learn to crochet.
9. Decorate our bedroom.
10. Paint the upstairs
11. Paint the kitchen table
12. make curtains for scrap room
13. learn all that I can about Type 1 diabetes
14. meditate
15. after having this little one I want to do P90X again.
16. Do another craft fair.
17. start my flowers for my garden early
18. snuggle my boys everyday
19. start saving for our trip to Hawaii in 2012
20. Surprise the kids with something fun
21. Make them all matching hats
22. make them all matching ties
23. Paint my fingernails more than once every 6 months.
24. Organize all my recipes
25. clean my carpets
26. finish downstairs linen closet.
27. Start my own photography buisness.
28. Learn as much as I can in Karen Russell's photography class.
29. Give a random gift.
30. Learn Lightroom
31. Take the boys sledding.
32. Live in the present not the past
33. Make an apron
34. Buy a bread machine
35. Make homemade bread... a lot.
36. Make a new friend
37. Videotape
38. Make a large wooden star for in my living room--pottery barn style.
39. Organize my stamps
40. Be early on all my assignments.
41. Drink more smoothies.
42. Go to Venice, UT and have a huge banana split at the dairy.
43. Take the boys to Blast Off.
44. Get a start on our food storage.
45. Send thank you cards.
46. Finally get my blog the way I want.
47. Make a blurb book of my One Frame a Day for 2011
48. Read to the boys at least 15 minutes a day.
49. Start a chapter book with Logan.
50. Sew all the purses in my Amy Butler pattern book.
51. Buy new silverware.
52. make and freeze a bunch of meals before the baby comes.

And that's my list---i'm sure I'll be adding more and more as the year goes on! And here's a quick photo to share from my One Frame a Day project:

The boys just love their bathtime!


Emily said...

I got some great ideas from your list!!!! Your boys are too cute!!!

wahab said...

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5Star Digital Scrapbooking said...

Great list and don't add anymore til you've completed everything you've already listed! hmmm maybe i'll put together a list of my own i haven't even gotten a decent resolution together yet lol

claire said...

I have to make a list too and I can't wait to cross the items out! Good luck and have fun accomplishing them :)