Monday, January 10, 2011

January Core projects

I've been thinking lately that at the age of 2 kids are the most annoying and funny people on the planet. Landen's been driving us CRAZY! He's potty trained now--which I'm sooo thankful for--BUT every time he goes to the bathroom we have to fight with him to get his undies and pants back on. WHY? Just because he thinks it's hilarious to see us get frustrated! Like I said before though--they are the funniest people. Landen is learning to break dance, which consists of throwing himself on the floor face first over and over again. And he sings while he's doing it--usually to the tune of I'm a Child of God. He gave Logan's zhu zhu pet a bath in his cereal bowl--poor things hair is all glued together. and he begs me to watch Justin' Beiber's Baby music video all the time. Funny kid.

Well, I've got a couple projects to share--my Core'dinations projects for January. If you haven't tried their cardstock--you must! They are soooo fun to distress!

Now I got to get ready for my nasty glucose test-- I almost throw up every time I have to do it! yuck! Wish me luck! ;)


Youngs said...

the cards are awesome as always! you wouldn't believe how much my friends hope for one of your cards for birthdays/weddings/babies! I need to order more, darn! should've done it when your parents were there, :) ah life!

Kelsey Danielle said...

I miss those boys!!