Saturday, April 28, 2007

Catchin up!

Here's a couple more Layouts. The Peeps one is an Effer Dare. the Each Moment Layout has my new favorite embellishments on it here's where you can get it :

It's a digital kit. I just print them out and cut them out! I adore them! Thanks for peeking! Oh, and I've been tagged by Iralamija ( ). So, here's my 7 things.

1.) My mom was on Wheel of Fortune when I was 7 so I got to meet Vanna White. (My mom won!)
2.) I can fit my whole fist in my mouth... yea, kinda embarassing!

3.) I have to have a glass of Hot Chocolate everyday. (Mint Truffle is my favorite)

4.) In high school, I was involved with DECA. I made it to the National Competition in California where I took 10th in the Nation.

5.) I love garage sales. There's just something about getting a huge bucket of buttons for $.50. Plus it gives me time to spend with my mother. (she's obsessed!)

6.)Someday I want to have a peach orchard. yum... peach pie!

7.) If I have money to spend I usually buy scrapbooking products not clothes.


iralamija said...

oh yes! I agree with you in # 7 :)!!

Bety :)

Caardvarks said...

Cute layouts! I like your style. :) ~Jen

Britalit said...

Love the pages! I'm so glad that you are being more consistant so I don't have to be disapointed!!haha