Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sketch This #10

Here's my take on the Sketch This Sketch. (that's a mouthful!) These pics are of my son at the park last friday. It was our first shorts day of the year. My poor son is cooped up in a small apartment all day and went crazy when we let him out in the park. He finally go to play ball with daddy. We had so much fun. A lazy picnic under the trees and a walk around the most beautiful neighborhood I've ever seen. We were in Dupont, WA and the houses are so pretty there. It's like a pleasantville. All the lawns are manicured and the stores all look the same. Well, we sure enjoyed our time in the sun. And thank goodness because we have another week of 40's and 50's. I WANT SUMMER!!

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iralamija said...

wow!! This LO! IS beautiful!!

Bety :)