Friday, April 27, 2007

Life is so fragile

Last Saturday we got a disturbing phone call from my father in law. He broke us the news that Brandon's Aunt had been killed in a car accident. We drove down to Utah the next day for the funeral. Why does it take something so tragic to make you evaluate your life and how you are living? Why don't I live everyday to it's fullest? I get too comfortable with my surroundings and with my family that I often take forget how truly lucky I am.

Aunt Janet was killed Saturday morning at 12 AM. She left behind her young son. This is the most unfortunate part of the whole thing. That her son will live the rest of his life without her. His best friend is gone. The two of them spent every day together and now he is left to face the trials of this life without her. He is one lucky boy though in that he has the most loving grandparents and uncles and aunts surrounding him. He will not be alone. He will not be neglected.

I know that she is watching over him and holding his hand as he grieves and moves on. She will continually walk by his side as he graduates from High school, gets married, has children, and so on. She was very special and will be dearly missed. We can not wait for the day when we will all be reunited.

So for now, I will take time out of my day to write in my journal expressing my love for my children and husband. I will take the time to enjoy every moment: My son screaming in his crib when he wakes up, the hug my husband gives me the second he walks in the door, snotty noses, pudgy fingers, watching my husband shave and so on.

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