Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Did you see?

Did you see Biggest Loser tonight? Craziness! I loved Sam--really inspiring, although he did get a bit cocky at times, but I NEVER expected to see him end up with Stephanie. She wasn't my favorite person on the show--but you just never know who will end up with who right? haha I'm loving this season and I'll be so sad when it's over!

So I'm right in the middle of fixing up my blog--sorry it's kind of a mess. I need to make a new header but I'm nervous. I want it to look great--I've got my work cut out for me! :)

I have a couple layouts to share tonight--I never posted my 2peas garden layouts. Here they are--

You HAVE to drop by the garden and see what everyone is creating--those girls inspire me everyday!



Anonymous said...

I DID watch tonight! :( Sad to see Sam go, but he was definitely all done w/his weight loss. (hottie-patottie!) I had heard rumors about him and steph, and I believe on her farewell video she mentioned "finding love." Anyhow... I'm rooting for Sunshine - wasn't she GORGEOUS?! Great show, indeed. :)

Love your layouts! "pose." is such a great theme... I can think of some fun pics of my kiddos that would fall under that them perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing, fab as always. :)

Tiffany said...

Amazing layouts, love these! So much texture in your layering!