Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sick buggies

Seems like everyone I know is getting the flu or a nasty cold. My poor mom got the flu so bad. She's on the mend though. Unfortunately my boys all had a nasty cold last week--luckily it only lasted like two days. Cooper had it the worst--and because I can't help but snuggle my little baby bear when he is sick, I now have the stupid cold. I can't stop sneezing and I feel like I'm pretty much gonna die.

I thought I'd jump on here and post some of my favorite pictures from these past two weeks of the boys. So far I've gotten a picture everyday--I'm trying to do Project life--which helps me remember to take pictures of everything! Some of them aren't pretty but they are pictures of our life and that's all that matters!

 Cooper loves to play with his new race track he got for Christmas!

 Logan decided he needed a Robin mask so that they could play Batman and Robin. We made it a little big--but it works!


 Everyday, every hour, Landen is asking me "Mommy, wanna play a game?" I love it. I love playing games with him--sometimes I have to get other things done, but I love that he wants to spend time with me.

Cooper just being Cooper. 

 Pointing to the doggy outside. 

 Gamer. This boy LOVES his Lego games. 

 Time with Sadie.

 Sadie loves to lick Coop. 

 Card night mess--we had fun!


And this one is my FAVORITE. The boys love to play football downstairs together. It doesn't even have to be a football--they were using a basketball here and chasing Cooper who was going to score a touchdown! I love that they let him get a touchdown every time! And look how excited Cooper is! LOVE.

Have a great day--take some pictures!


J + A said...

Handsome boys! They are all getting so big! Miss you guys :)

andrea smith. said...

i just came to your blog from the paper smooches list...and have been scrolling through a bit. i have to tell you that your boys are so darn cute! i have a 15month old boys are such a blessing! i just love this picture of them playing ball where you said they let your youngest score...what a wonderful memory you captured :)