Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week in Review

Is it just our family--or have you been hit hard by a bunch of random cold bugs/flu bugs? My goodness! In two weeks we had two rounds of colds. Brandon is still getting over his! Here's my pictures from last week--I took a bunch! Oh, and my boys need haircuts... desperately... can you tell? haha

 The boys got out Logan's Transformer play doh machine. They made an army of rainbow Transformers!

 Cooper is the new Batman! Duh na na na (Batman theme song)

IMG_2354 E 
Landen loves to play with his power rangers and Ninja Turtles in the bathtub!

Ok--isn't this the cutest picture of Coop? My goodness--that's his beautiful smile that I can't always capture on camera! 

Friday night we headed over to Leo's Place for Pizza, Playland, and Arcade games! It's the whole family's favorite place to go!

 Logan just relaxing on the couch.

 What a good big brother--he brought Cooper on his bed and read book after book to him. 

 Someone got Logan's Fedora out and his old backpack. He wouldn't take it off all morning long!


Logan Got sick on Saturday with another cold bug. He slept half the day away. 

Have a great day!


Ruth G said...

I love the pictures! What a great job you did capturing what your boys are about (including the genuine smile {priceless} and the caring older brother {more than priceless})! Thanks so much for sharing!

Daniela Dobson said...

They are adorable!!!