Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week in pictures

Because I'm too lazy to post pictures everyday--I'm going to start posting pictures once a week with the pictures from the week before. NO JUDGING-- there are some pretty bad pictures of me that you will see!

So here's the pictures from last week--most of which are from my i-phone. Except the last two:

 We went to the library--ended up with 40 books. That's usually how it works with us. The max is 50 books allowed. We sometimes have to put books back! We are big readers! look at that bag bursting with books!!

 We had a trip to the dentist last Thursday for both Landen and Logan. Both of them had NO cavities! That's a big deal for us! They have such bad teeth!

 Here's Logan with Dr. Mike.


Landen and Cooper got a hold of my phone and started taking pictures while laying in my bed! 

Someone got into the bowl of flour I had on the counter to make bread. When I turned my back, a little munchkin thought it would be fun to shower in it!

 The boys love Headbanz! Have you played it? Landen ends up telling everyone what they are after the first couple rounds! 

Just wanted to snap a picture of Coop and me!

Landen and Cooper love to take baths together! They fight a lot and Landen teaches Cooper a lot of naughty stuff, but they laugh and laugh in there!

Can you believe that number? It was last monday--the kids had to stay home from school because it was supposed to get down to -13. I never saw it get that low, but it was COLD!

Landen smacked  his head on the door frame Friday night--ended up with a giant goose egg on the back of his noggin. Daddy had to sit with him and ice his head! 


And this is my FAVORITE picture of the week! Look at those gorgeous boys! It makes my heart happy! 

Have a great day and take some pictures!

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Mendi said...

Such a great week of photos! Makes me realized I need to get better about pulling out my camera more. I used to be crazy about taking pictures of everything, but I've gotten lazy over the years. ;)