Monday, March 17, 2008

Aaack! I'm 25!!

I was joking with my dad that he was turning 50 last week and then I realized I'm halfway there myself!! My birthday was last saturday and Brandon did a great job of making me feel wonderful! I woke up to HUGE cinnamon rolls, that's always a treat, and we got to go shopping. Logan had so much fun watching me open my presents, well, he had more fun opening them himself!! Then we enjoyed a dinner out, which we never get to do. ALl in all, a wonderful birthday!!

Here's some fun cards and a layout I did this week! Thanks for taking a peek!


Amos said...

Happy Birthday Kandis! I think at 25 you can be very proud of all you have and have accomplished. Beautiful pages and cards again!

Kim Hughes said...

your creations are gorgeous!
Happy belated birthday!

Laura Davis said...

Beautiful work!! Happy b-day:)

Sherry Wright said...

Happy belated birthday, beautiful creations Kandis!

Lea L. said...

Happy birthday you youngin'. Tee hee!

Super cute projects!

Have a great day,

Rita Weiss said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kandis, you baby you! Oh to be 25 again. Enjoy every minute... :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Love your work! 25 isn't so bad is it...I'm actually looking forward to it in about a week :)