Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just to make you giggle!!

Here's a funny pic of my son. Just love catching him laugh! Oh, and here's a fun layout I did of a family photoshoot last August. Finally got them scrapped!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful week. We enjoyed some home made Mac and Cheese last night. TOtally makes you feel good with a meal like that! We're still getting used to life with two children, but Landen's been a really easy baby so far. (knock on wood!) He's been letting me get a great nights rest, so I'm totally counting my blessings!!


~Lea~ said...

So glad that he is allowing you to sleep! That is awesome!

Super cute layout and photo! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hello, i saw your work in "Two Peas Gallery" now your blog, Congrats for your family, i am from Argentina i live in NY since 2002 (for my DH' job) i have 2 awesome girls 3 and half and the other one 10 months! and i am a staymother home also. I'm starting to scrapbook days ago....( i allways wanted to do it but i did't have the time) and you will be my inspiration, i think you have a gift. Everything is amazing!!! my mail is Have a great day!

Sherry Wright said...

Your projects are beautiful Kandis and that smile is priceless. Glad you're getting some sleep! :0)

Amos said...

Boy is that handsome fellow going to knock the girls dead in their tracks!! He is SOOOOO CUTE!

Totally love that page, those papers are awesome!

Glad you are getting into some sort of a routine and Yeah for Sleep!

Laura said...

such a cutie patootie!! love that page too! i am so glad you are finding some time to PLAY!! :)

a.k.a. Amooretto said...

Glad baby is letting you get rest and some scrapping done!! What is your secret for a good nights rest with a newborn??? DO TELL!!! Our little guy is a good baby too, he still wakes up though every 2-3 hours at night. DO TELL!!! :)