Saturday, March 1, 2008

So little time!

Wow! Now that the baby is here I have so little time. I can't believe how tired I get by the end of the day. My poor hubby comes home from work and I'm ready to go to bed! Needless to say that the home cooked meals have been few and far between. I need to get some kind of a routine down.

Anyways, Here's my cards for the week from CPS and sketch This cards! I also got a fun beach layout done. Loved using the felt and sequins. I hope you all have a great night!


~Lea~ said...

Super cute cards Kandis!! And I love that felt wave, with the added bling and embellishments to look like water droplets! So cute!

I can't imagine how tiring a new baby is on top of everything else! Hope you get in a routine soon, and some more sleep! HUGS!


Anonymous said...

all beautiful creations:)x

Brittany said...

We need to make a trip to Roberts soon - it's been too long and I have some scrapbooking to do!And anytime you need me to take that baby(or your crazy 2 year old) off your hands, you just let me know!! Love the layout and as always, the cards are amazing.

ஐBeatriz Jenningsஐ said...

love all those projects Kandis! :)