Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beehives and Rusty Nails

We got a call from our lender today that we needed to put our steps to the backyard back on the house. The previous owners took them off. The bank is going to have to come look at the house again, so we had to become some "do it yourself-ers" (we're not too good at it) We did find out WHY they took off the steps-- a couple of beehives underneath the boards. Luckily they are abandoned. Brandon got the task of breaking those off. The steps were so covered in rusty nails--it's a wonder I didn't step on one. But it got done. I wouldn't stand on it too long, but it's up. LOL!

Trying to get my scrapping mojo going. Seems like all the disorganization of moving sucked it all out of me. I just sit at my desk and nothing happens. THen I just give up. Maybe one of these nights I'll get a scrappy high--just maybe! I did get a couple more lifts done for NSD-- these ones are card lifts:

Kristina Werner is amazing. Her clean style always has me browsing through her 2peas gallery. I wish I could diecut like that girl does! Here's two lifts of her fabulous cards:


Jennifer McGuire--What more can I say about this FABULOUS girl?? I'm so honored to work with her over at Hero Arts. She inspires me everyday. Here's a card inspired by Hers. Here's mine:
Have a wonderful night--don't stay up too late! ;)


Deborah said...

What adorable cards. This is my first time reading your blog. Can't wait to come back!

jennifer mcguire said...

you are the best. :) LOVE your cards here!

Brittany said...

cute cards!!!!

Mary MacAskill said...

I'm with you. I just can't seem to get moving on my scrappy stuff! AGHHHH! But! I love your lifts - these are all fabulous, and despite being lifts, they show your style through and through! :)

Jen Gallacher said...

I can totally relate. Spent 3 hours on a layout that I hate. Thankfully the photos weren't down yet and they won't being getting put down any time soon. LOL! Come down and play with me. (We could at least shop.)

melissa :) said...

the cards are fabulous, i LOVE the kraft notecards from Hero!