Friday, May 8, 2009

Rasin Bran Confetti

My children have just discovered Raisin Bran. I bought a couple boxes on a great sale over at Albertsons, I didn't think they would even want to try it. I really just got them for myself. After pouring me a bowl, they started begging for some. They like to eat their cereal without milk, I usually just give them a little cup full to walk around with. Next thing I know, they've eaten all the raisins out of it and they are throwing the flakes all around the house. I just LOVE the feeling of bran flakes sticking to my feet--yum.

At least they had some fun! :)

Well, I did get a couple layouts finished yesterday. I think I like them... not quite sure. I was glad to get a halloween layout done though, still have a lot of pictures to scrap!

ANd a layout of my handsome hubby. I never get enough pictures of him so I just repeated the same picture of him across the page. I was listening to the radio and the song Crash came on by Dave Matthews Band. Yes, he is the candy to my soul. Love ya hon!

Have a wonderful day!


Lucy, England said...

What lovely layouts - I especially love the pastel tones of the 2nd one. So lovely! And such a perfect match to the photo.

Youngs said...

maybe your little boys will grow up to be health-freaks, loving raisin bran at such a young age! haha i'm excited to see you in july!

Brittany said...

kandis i love these layouts!!!