Sunday, May 10, 2009

To all the mothers... Arigato!

I think we can all say that when we became mothers our appreciation for our own grows tremendously. Looking back at what a bossy, mean daughter I was, I wonder how she didn't just kick me out at the age of 5. My hubby even says I was a brat when I was a kid. Don't worry I grew out of it... now I'm an angel.... haha. I love my children with all my heart, but they sure know how to drive a mom up the wall. Thank you Thank you Thank you mom for putting up with me, nurturing a testimony of Jesus Christ in my soul, teaching me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, helping me learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others. And over all, helping me become a mother just like you-- I'll never match up! You mean the world to me mom, I hope you know it everyday.

I'm also very gratefull for the moms around the world who love and cherish their children. When I taught elementary school, I saw many parents neglect their children and toss them to the side. Seeing a mother protect, love, and play with her children is the most beautiful sight--so thank you to all of you mothers!

Here's a card for all of you:

I had a wonderful day filled with crumb cake, hot cocoa, (no dirty diapers), flowers (bulbs for my new garden), hugs, kisses, and laughter. My boys sure spoil me!

Hope you had a great day!


Lucy, England said...

THis is just LOVELY. Such a sweet card. And I love hearing your tales...

roree said...

Such a beautiful card, Kandis! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!

whoistracy said...

This is adorable!! I JUST bought that set the other day and haven't inked it up yet. Must try it now. :o)

Sherry Wright said...

Such a beautiful post & so true about our moms. Love the card!!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness....what a darling card. I adore this Kandis.