Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dirty Mouth?

We were weeding the backyard tonight when Landen came toddling over to me with a big muddy grin on his face. I couldn't help but laugh, and gag, when he opened his mouth and mud came spilling out. YUCK. Boys! What do you do with them?? It would have made an excellent Orbit's commercial.

Just a little tidbit for you tonight-- random stuff on here. Hero Arts stamps, K&Co paper and tag, Micheals Ribbon, Core'dinations Cardstock, Chatterbox flower

Hope you had a relaxing day--I need to hit the couch and get my feet up before I head off to bed!


Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Oh so funny about the dirty mouth! I immediately thought of the commercial. ;-) What a beautiful card!

Heather M. said...

my little guy is 8 months old and already loves eating rocks, dirt, sticks and grass. lol!

beautiful card! i love the ribbon!

whoistracy said...

Oh I hope you snapped a photo of that! It'd make a great layout. LOL

ellen s. said...

that story is just too cute!

Kate and Cole said...

Kandis! Hey it's Kate Clinger. I met you today on your walk. Your cards are so stinkin cute! I'm going to pass this along to my sis. I love the skittles card. so cute

Emily said...

Love the card...it so darling. ANd kids are too funny...muddy mouth...oh yikes. Did you get a picture?

Sharli said...

Oh my! I haven't seen the commercial, but I thought you were going somewhere else with the intro "dirty mouth"! I'm giggling still!

I had a little girl - so I don't know much about the amazing things that boys do!

Beautiful card - you are quite an artist - I will be back!