Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bats and Spiders

Are you ready for Halloween??? I know, I know, you've still got a month!! But, I've been figuring all my decorations out and costumes. Can't wait! Logan picked out some Frankenstein goodie bags for his lunches. He can't walk into a store without saying, "MOM, can we go find the Halloween stuff??" He loves it as much as I do!! The countdown until Oct. 1st begins (that's when Brandon lets me start decorating!!)

So to use up all my extra excitement, I've been making tons of Halloween cards, projects, etc. Here they are! ( you can find these in my Etsy shop!)

Sorry--blogger is being funny and won't let me move my pictures down!!

Have a wonderful day!


Jane said...

A month zooms by so I'm totally in Halloween mode!! Love your projects!

Greg and Brittany said...

So you HAVE to take pictures of you house when you have it all decorated! I'm so sad I won't be able to see it this year!

Regina Easter said...

HI Kandis, just stopping by to say hi and to tell ya, your work is devine girl....congrats on the 2 peas..hugs

Tiffany said...

Love this with the black lace and the feathers! Wow, totally spooky, great touch to your projects!

melissa :) said...

loving all the halloween inspiration!!

dstandard said...

How cute!!! Awesome work!

Jennifer Styles said...

Hi Kandis,

As it's WCMD, I'd thought I'd leave a comment on all the blogs I have on my blogroll.

I must admit, I am usually guilty of admiring and running.

Hope you're doing something fun and card-y today :)