Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why, oh, WHY?????

I know you've heard me complain about Logan being sick a lot lately. He got sick again. He's had the flu four times and a cold in three weeks. I try not to be a panicky mother--each time he got over the illness quickly. This time he has a rash and he had a really high fever (he had been on Tylenol for a couple hours and his fever was still at 103.9)

So I took him to the doctor. I explained how sick he has been lately and expressed my worry about Swine flu and Meningitis (since he got sick with flu like symptoms after a cold) and she laughed at me and told me to stop reading on the internet. Thanks. Forgive me for being a concerned mother. It's not like I ran to them the first time he got sick and was convinced he had it. jeez. I just want to cover my bases.

He was tested for Strep and the flu and they both came back negative. Not sure what it is. His fever keeps coming back and he breaks out in a heat rash every time. If it continues tomorrow, I'm going back to the doctor--maybe a DIFFERENT doctor. Someone who cares.

You'll have to forgive my lonely blog-- with everything going on and all the worrying I've been doing, I've been a little absentminded!

On a happier note... I have my CPS card from last week for you!! We were sponsored by Sweet and Sassy stamps--cute digi images you can download and print!

Hero Arts did a fun color combination week over on their blog. I got a fun orange, black, green, and purple combo and I had fun making a Halloween card-- you know me and Halloween. Yes, I've already started buying more decor and planning our costumes! Here's my card for the challenge:
I'm going to try to post a lot more this week--some stuff I need to catch up on!
Have a wonderful night!


Anonymous said...

Ummm how can I put this? You need to find a new doctor sweety!!! I can NOT believe what I just read! Considering how often your poor sweety keeps getting sick, I'd be FREAKING out! And for her to take it so lightly is just shows total lack of bedside manner and true concern for her patient's state of mind (which is JUST as important as your health!). Ok... stepping down off my soap box. Lol.. I was just apalled!

Okie dokie. :) Your cards: ADORABLE!!! But I'm not surprised. ;-) I'll be praying for you guys!

Lucy Abrams said...

What a HORRID doctor - and to think, they are supposed to be understanding and supportive. That's what they get paid for. I agree with the above - get a new doctor, there are lots of nice ones out there. Hope your son gets better soon, you poor things.

Always love your cards - always stare at them for hours in CARDS magazine. :)

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

OK.. another mom jumping in!
I also vote for a new doctor! This is your child...not hers, and you have every right to be concerned, and panicked when things aren't 'normal' for your child. Obviously she has not been a mom and fevers are a sign of an infection.. Call a hospital or clinic and ask someone if other kids have been having the same thing, or the school.. A recurring fever sounds very strange... Somethin' ain't right...
Phew! Sorry for the rant!!!!

Adorable card:)

Daniela said...

Yes, I agree with what everyone said. New doctor for sure and I would tell this one why you are leaving. How strange that she would say that!
I hope your little one gets better.

Ali said...

I wouldn't EVER go back to that doctor. I'm not sure how close you are to different doctors but when I had my first, I asked in the maternity hospital for a senior midwife or obgyn to recommend a great family doc. I have NEVER looked back.

It's just no fun when the kids are sick. Not for him. Not for you. Days are endless and worrying. More often than not, you don't see another soul for the day!

I hear what you are saying, Kandis. Hope it all gets better soon. Good luck with the doctor hunting if you do decide to go down that route. I think you need more support than what your present doctor gave you.

Amos said...

I learned long ago that the ONLY one looking out for you and your children is YOU! So you make whoever you want mad and go on and find someone who does care. That is ridiculous to act like that when your son has a very high fever. You know what is best for your son and you fight on his behalf. Lifting you up in my prayers for wisdom and healing for your sweet Logan!

Anonymous said...

Here's another vote for a new MD. preferable a pediatrician. They see more kids and recognize their symptoms more easily. If this was a ped. it was a poor one.

Anthonette said...

Sorry to hear about your son, Kandis. My son just got over a minor fever, but is still coughing.

I'm no doctor, but might it be roseola? My son had roseola as a toddler. It came with a scary fever (like your son's, it stayed at 103, even with Tylenol). He broke out in a rash on his chest and belly.

Hope he's doing better now.

Anthonette said...

Sorry, I forgot to comment on your cards...very fun and fresh, as always!

Julie said...

I would rather be over cautious with health than miss something! My parents knew people who didn't take their kid in with an ear infection because of money reasons and now he is deaf. So I think you are wise!!! And I've heard of swine flu taking healthy kids fast (glad they checked him)
Another vote for a new Dr. here!!!
Good luck! nothing worse than mystery illness, especially when it's your kiddo!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Some doctors think that if they make light of an illness it will put the parents at ease. Any doctor that acts that way with all of the cases of swine flu that are going around is not only extremely insensitive but also needs to take her job a little more seriously. I hope your guy is feeling better soon. God bless. :)

~ Wendy

Anne said...

Dump the uncaring doc! Time to start asking random parents about their docs to find one that will work for your family. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I hope Logan is feeling better. I am just (hopefully) getting through this with my one-year-old daughter. We had just moved to a new state when she got sick so I had to rush to find a Doc. Turns out it is a virus. After a horrible rash I am thinking roseola (as mentioned in another post). Good luck! Find a new doc!