Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yes, officer??

This is me hanging my head in shame.

I got pulled over for the FIRST time in my life.

I was at a four way stop behind a HUGE line of cars that we going straight, I needed to turn right, so I went around them. Not smart when you're yelling at your two boys to stop fighting over a ballon and you have a headache--cuz then you don't notice the cop in line.

of course when the officer asked me why I did that, I told him I was a little distracted by my boys yelling in the back. He looks back and says, "well, they aren't screaming now." WELL OF COURSE NOT--you're scaring the dickens out of them! (yes, I wrote dickens--got that from my grandma.) The nerve--he must not have kids.

Couldn't find my insurance paper because Brandon just switched to a new company.

Started crying.

Logan asked me, "why is the police officer pulling us over?"

I had to respond, "Because mommy made a poor decision" Then I felt like a HORRIBLE person.

I made it out without a ticket.

Brandon asked me later (after a good laugh) if I had played the "crying" card. I said, " you think that I would cry on purpose??? Do you not know me?? I cry over anything and when you put a headache, two scared children, and can't find the right paperwork together--I'm gonna cry. "

We did make it out alive. So much for my streak. First time for everything.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and support-- we ARE switching doctors. And I will NEVER look back. LOL Logan is doing much better, although he is a little pale and his eyes are red around the edges. Still worried about him--but I'm hoping he's over the worst of it. Especially since I saw My Sister's Keeper last night--OH MY! Amazingness--but if you go to see it--bring a new box of tissues, cuz you're going to need them ALL. I bawled through the whole thing--then I was emotional all day today.

ANYWAYS--here's some fun stuff! I dug into my stash of valentines embellies and had some fun making cute red and pink cards!!

Have a great night!


~Lori (loree2000 SCS) said...

WOW!! You're first pull over.....yikes! I've not had that as a personal experience yet. But I've shared it with my DH WAY to many times! lol

GL with the new doctor!

The cards are darling!

melissa :) said...

i totally feel your pain about being pulled over... but i'm glad you made it out *unscathed*. big hugs being sent your way for a healthier logan, and a *high five* for some awesome card design inspiration!!

Lydia said...

Very uplivting cards Kandis, sorry you had such a crazy day, glad you got away without a ticket, that would have made things that much worse. Hope today is a better day!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I would have cried too. I got pulled over for the first time about a year ago...for a burned out license plate light. I think the officer was bored. Anyway, it irritated me, so I didn't cry...didn't get a ticket...but had I had yelling boys, frustrating traffic, and an irritating officer, you can be sure I would have. So glad you came out unscathed and that your little guy is improving.

Daniela said...

Oh, wow. I would probably cry, too. Glad he didn't write you a ticket.
Beautfiul cards.

Anonymous said...

Well thank goodness he didn't give you a ticket, but sheesh, how rude of him to suggest you were lying!

And this: "...when you put a headache, two scared children, and can't find the right paperwork together--I'm gonna cry. " is CLASSIC!

lol... sounds like me! Wonderful cards!

ellen s. said...

i am glad you made it through that! that just stinks. at least you got the first one out of the way, LOL!

Linda Beeson said...

So is the moral to that story that you can't do that? I think I would have. SOOOO glad that officer took sympathy on you! What cute creations!

Jen Gallacher said...

Man, you're having a week. :( I hope you find a good doctor. I can't believe she laughed at you. Like she knows your child better than you. I've been pulled over before, but I got a ticket--expired tags. GRRRR!!

roree said...

So sorry you got pulled over, Kandis. At least you didn't get a ticket.

Beautiful cards, and huge congrats on becoming a GG!!! :D

Kim said...

I got pulled over for the first time in August. It was horrible! (And I cried too because I was so ashamed of myself.) Although, now I'm more mad than anything. 5 miles over in a 55 zone. Seriously! And I wasn't even going with the speed of traffic.

Easy target, I guess. :(

So I completely understand.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

We've all had days like that. I'm so glad the police officer was compassionate. I'll bet he has young kids, too, and knows what it's like sometimes. : ) Your cards are adorable!!

~ Wendy

Danielle said...

You're so lucky! I got a ticket a couple of months ago and decided to go to embarrassing experience but I'm glad I did because my ticket was cut in half! I hate getting pulled over...feels like a kid in the principal's office! ha

Lovely cards, girl!