Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm quirky. Yes, quirky. I've always known it, but when I was watching my children today, I realized that they have little quirks of their own. Isn't it so cool?? They sure grow up fast and turn into their own person! Landen will run into his room, pull out a hat, and try to make you laugh by running around with it on and dancing. Logan pulls the upper part of his lip up when he says, "Yea, mom, I'm right!" (maybe he's part Elvis!)

You wanna know more about me??? Get a little personal---find out the nitty gritty?? LOL Here's some of my quirks:

-I have OCD--not the cool "I-keep-everything-clean" kind. But the kind where when my fingers get wrinkly from doing dishes or showering, I can't touch ANYTHING--not even my own skin--until they de-wrinkle. I'm also wierd about texture on my fingers--can't use wooden spoons or tear open Jello packets. I also stay up late everynight afraid my children will die in their sleep. (that one's a hard one. Can't stop being afraid.)

-I love playing dress up with my children. (If you live by me and see me running around with a superman cape on--don't worry about my sanity! :)

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE garage sales and pick up the wierdest finds. I got 200 milk glass vases for 8.00 for the lot of them. I was so happy I grinned ear to ear for two days! (now, my husband says I have to do something with them!)

-I coupon. If there is a deal out there--I will drive across town to get it!

- I put on perfume 2-3 times a day.

-If I touch one finger to another I have to touch all my other fingers. Wierd. I know. Probably another OCD thing. I have to be fair!!

-I'm a little obsessed with Halloween. (it takes me 3 days or more to decorate!)

-I eat frosting with a spoon. Especially the Rainbow Chip one.

-Okay, that's enough of me--I'm sure your are all thinking I'm crazy by now! haha BUt isn't it fun to see how unique we are and how we are all different? so cool.

I've got a couple cards to share today. Here's my CPS card for the week. We were sponsored by Jennifer Buck--independent Stampin' Up! Consultant. She is sooo amazing to send us these darling stamps!

This week their doing a masculine theme over at the Hero Arts Blog. I was asked to make a manly card using the Big Pine Bough--such a cool new stamp. You have to go over and check it out--they've got some great ideas and they even talked a couple guys into stampin' up some cards of their own!!

Have a wonderfully quirky night!!


Tiffany said...

Wow, so beautiful are both cards! I really LOVE the brightness of the first one, such pretty designs and layering!

~Lori (loree2000 SCS) said...

LOL....I'm glad I'm not alone in my quirks!! :D

Great job on Both cards but I really like the masculine card! It's fabb-y!

Greg and Brittany said...

Those were fun to read! And I love the cards :)

Julie said...

Another anti-wooden spoon girl!!!! And i hate the feel of paper sacks!!! In Jr. High teachers made us cover books with them and it was torture for me!!!

love your cards!