Thursday, April 22, 2010

Salty goodness...

Just a lazy day around here--cleaning up the house, maybe do some scrapbooking--I have a ton of pictures in a pile to work on! It's raining today--which is okay because it's still warm :)! I found this recipe for soft pretzels so we're going to be adventurous and make some up today. Logan is soooo excited to tie his "into knots and circles." LOL

So I've been doing P90X for the last couple months and I've lost 15 lbs--which is wonderful. I feel so much better, but I have 15 more pounds to go to get to where I was a year and a half ago. The last month and a half I've stayed at the exact same weight. Didn't move at all. I was seriously frustrated that I work out everday, watch what I eat and nothing was happening. I went online and checked reasons for plateauing--turns out I'm not eating enough calories! ;) I did some serious calorie counting yesterday and found that I was 3-400 calories under which was making my body hold on to my fat stores. So I ate all my calories--felt full--and woke up this morning to see I had dropped a pound! YIPPPEEEEE!!! Here's to eating more and losing weight! LOL

I have a couple items for you today--

Have a fantastic day!


lillianchild said...

Thanks for the link to the pretzel recipe - I've been wanting to try this! And your cards are REALLY cute!

Greg and Brittany said...

Super cute cards! And way to go on the weight loss.....even though you really didn't need it ;)

Axes DesigNs said...

so pretty!!!! I like the colors you use! I'm inviting you to my blog.. I made the carrdvarks core-dinations challenge. want to see it?