Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our everyday

Top fifteen things you will hear me say on a daily basis to my children:

1. "Landen, get your pants back on!"
2. "This is the last time I'm putting the captain America costume on you."
3. "Landen, get out of the garbage! Did you actually eat that?"
4. "If you howl like a dog one more time, you're going to your room!"
5."No you can't have a snack, you ate breakfast 15 minutes ago."
6." Who threw soggy cheerios on my carpet?"
7." Landen... seriously? WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?"
8. "Who splashed all the water out of the tub?"
9. "Are you licking my mirror?"
10. "You're driving me crazy!"
11. "Landen, stop turning off the tv"
12. "Did you just call me a brat? Get in your room."
13. "REALLY?"
14. "Why have you been in the bathroom for ten minutes? What are you doing in there?"
15. "Get back in bed or I'm shutting the door!"

You might think I'm crazy--I would after reading that list! But I think it's funny to read them after a hard day and think about how great my life is. It's always funny AFTER they are asleep in bed and you get a little break! haha

I have two great children that keep me running around. They are healthy and happy and you should see the looks on their faces and smiles they have when they know they are up to no good--boys!
Here's a funny picture of Logan in his Turtle costume--that boy and his costumes!


Danielle said...

ha! great post. sounds like our house!!! he's a cutie, hard to believe he does anything wrong! lol

Marlyce said...

Love the list and definitely love Landen, with or without pants.

Tiffany said... funny! Love your list, glad I'm not the only one with a similar list!

Cassie said...

I can hear and see Logan and Landen do all of those!