Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today was great--we cleaned out the garage, washed the van, started on the backyard, and then we went to McDonalds to get a happy meal for each of the boys--just for the How to Train Your Dragon toy! They were so excited. Then we headed out for the movie! It was wonderful! We will definitely buy it when it comes out! Logan now wants to be a dragon. Too bad i don't have a dragon costume--I know he would wear it for a week straight if I did! haha

Here's my card I did for the Hero blog this week. They had a hybrid week--mixing Hero Arts digi stamps with paper product. It was so fun! The digi stamp is in the back--it's actually a friendship definition, but I cut off the friendship words and now it just looks like dictionary paper! You can download it at 2peas for free!

And here's some darling pictures I took of a sweet 4 mo. old in my ward. Isn't she so cute??

I want a girl... ;)

**Oh, and I updated my Etsy shop--go take a look!


Jen Gallacher said...

Look at you, Miss Awesome Photographer. :) Love her gorgeous eyes and her chubbiness. Love me a chubby baby. And wasn't that movie awesome?!!

Greg and Brittany said...

Cute pics Kandis! We saw the dragon movie in 3d a few weeks ago and loved it!!

Emily said...

i JUST Love everything that you make...and the photographs are amazing...what a darling little one!

Also, I loved the dragon movie too...we took Sammy and had a great time...definately a keeper.

I have a question for you...besides CPS are there any other blogs/websites that you follow that sponsor a card challenge weekly/monthly...whatever? I had a lot of fun working on the CPS challenge last night and thought it would be fun to find another one to do tonight.

Let me can email me if you want