Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anxiously waiting...

At the beginning of spring each year I get really excited to plant my flowers and veggies. It's been years since we got to do a veggie garden!! Now I just have to wait until the chance of frost clears. I hate that!! I'm ready to plant now! :) I have all my flowers picked out and I know where I want them in the garden. I love the country cottage look--here's some of the flowers I'll be planting:



black eyed susans

morning glories (they are going to cover my fence)

holyhocks ( I have a HUGE bag of these seeds)


Clematis--I have this one and a blue one. Brandon is going to build me two trellis's for them.

And that's just a few! I can't wait! :)

I have a little treat to share with you---Kathy Martin (digital designer over at 2peas) asked me to create a card using her new kite image. It's adorable! I had so much fun working with it! here's my card!Thanks Kathy!

And just so everyone knows--those pretzels were AMAZING! you have to try them. I think we ate all 12 pretzels in two hours! LOL--and they're low fat! Makes them even better! :)



melissa :) said...

the brown eyed susans remind me of my great grandmother, the peonies of my great grandfather, and the morning glories of my mom. thanks for the smile today! :)

whoistracy said...

Have fun Kandis! I fell in love with gardening about 7 years ago and haven't looked back. I'd say my gardens are cottage-ish. I have most of the flowers listed- they're great performers for me, not sure what zone you're in. Have fun with it!